855 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 855?


Do you ever get the feeling that certain numbers are stalking you, appearing everywhere you look?

Did you know this is one way to know that the heavens are telling you about good things on your horizon?

Look closely, and you’ll likely find Angel Number 855 following you wherever you go.

It’s a lucky message from the divine realm sending you good vibes of love and hope. Receive it as an encouraging omen.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Humans have been aware of a connection between the sacred and the human for millennia.

The relationship between the divine and numbers has long been known as well.

For us humans, made by God and in the image of God, we are constantly watched over by celestial angels.

The heavenly world is full of vibrations and energies we humans cannot detect (except for a few sensitive individuals who can).

But numbers, which are also connected to those same vibrations and energies, offer us a way to receive messages from the divine world, and that’s what an Angel Number is.

It’s a message from your guardians in the form of a repeated number or number sequence.

These numbers can be individual digits, but they are more often in two or three or four. They can repeatedly appear in a person’s life by emerging as part of a credit card number, number on a receipt or phone number, bus number, or pin code.

Numerology can tell us what these numbers mean, and with that in mind, let’s take a look at the meaning of Angel Number 855.

Numerology of 855

The influences of eight and two fives combine their energies in 855.

Numerology handles these numbers by adding eight and two fives to get eighteen.

Eighteen is comprised of a one and an eight, which together equal nine. Numerologically speaking, therefore, the sum of these influences is the number nine.

The appearance of the double fives doubles the influence of the number five on the whole group making its meaning more potent.

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Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 855

Angel Number 855 Meaning

Eight symbolizes personal power, inner strength, responsibility, giving, and receiving.

It is also symbolic of a Universal Law: Cause and Effect. Eight strongly resonates with karma or circumstances and life events that deal with karmic events.

Five symbolizes many things.

At once, signifying creativity and self-expression, it could also indicate significant changes are on the horizon for you that will require your resourcefulness and independence to navigate.

To that end, the double-powered five represents adaptability, adventure, and making meaningful choices.

855’s numerological sum, nine, symbolizes altruism, humanism, service, education, or teaching; it could also mean secret knowledge or mystical rites and lightworkers.

Nine also often signifies spiritual expansion and enlightenment, meaning that you could be due for some sort of spiritual growth.

Biblical Symbolism of Eight

855 Angel Number

Ressurection and regeneration. New beginnings. These are the things the number eight represents in the Holy Book.

The number seven is symbolic of endings.

Eight is therefore associated with the new order of things, and the Bible offers many examples where the number eight is associated with a new way forward.

Noah is the eight-person out of the ark and begins recovering from the flood and starting a new life for himself and his family.

Jesus also is associated with the number eight, for he rose from the dead on the eighth day after his crucifixion, beginning a life in a new form.

Eight also has a special meaning attached to God itself. He chose this number to represent the beginning of every new week.

The day after the seventh day marks the beginning of a new act of creation.

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Biblical Symbolism of Five

God’s grace is symbolically represented by the number five. So is His kindness towards humankind. And here in Angel Number 855, the five is doubled.

That is symbolized by John 1:16, where he speaks of “God’s grace upon grace.”

Additionally, the Ten Commandments can easily be divided into two parts of five, with the first five relating to the relationship between individuals and God.

The second set of five deals with how people treat each other.

God’s Law is also given to us in the form of the Pentateuch, which is divided up into five books (the first five of the Bible).

There is also a sort of Pentateuch consisting of the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament.

Biblical Symbolism of Nine

855 Angel Number Meaning

The Completeness of the Divine is often symbolized by nine, a number that usually has the meaning of finality attached to it.

Jesus died upon the cross at the 9th hour (before being resurrected eight days after). Yom Kippur, the holiest of days for many of the Jewish faith, begins on the 9th day of the 7th month according to Leviticus 23:32.

Nine is also symbolic of the nine characteristics of the Holy Spirit according to Galatians 5:22-23: faithfulness, goodness, kindness, peace, self-control, love, long-suffering, joy, and gentleness.

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Are You A Lightworker?

Everyone has a purpose to achieve during their time on earth.

Once it’s fulfilled, we have achieved what we were placed here to do.

Lightworkers, strongly symbolized by the numerological sum number nine, are meant to be here during our most critical hours.

Think about it. Is it your goal to spread loving energies and combat negative consciousness?

Is that what you were put here to do?

Does your wisdom enlighten others? Could you perhaps be a lightworker?

Do you have the mental and spiritual capacity to spread loving-kindness wherever you go?

Could that be what Angel Number 855 is pushing you to embrace?

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