721 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 721?


Angel Numbers can appear in our lives when we least expect it, but we are truly blessed when they do.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Angel Number 721 in particular and unravel its many different meanings.

Let’s jump right in.

Angel Numbers: What Are They?

Angel Numbers are your guardian angel’s way of sending you messages, offering you guidance, and showing you the things you need to see.

Typically these messages come to us via repeated number sequences.

Our angels try to make them as obvious as possible.

Many people report finding their angel numbers on clocks, credit card numbers, receipts, lottery tickets – anywhere numbers can occur.

Our angels use the natural energies and vibrations inherent in the numbers to get their messages across.

Each number corresponds to several different meanings studied by the metaphysical science of numerology.

Numerology: What is it?

721 Angel Number Meaning

Numerologists have studied the relationship between divinity and numbers for over two thousand years.

The Pythagoreans of ancient Greece were the first to systematize numerological thought, and wise men and women have greatly expanded upon the original number meanings.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific meanings inherent in Angel Number 721.

Angel Number 721: Meaning and Symbolism 

The vibrations and energies of a single seven, two and one make up this Angel Number.

There are no duplicates or zeroes, which would mean one of the numbers is amplified.

So each number has the same weight as the others.

Let’s look at what each of these numbers means on its own before putting them all together and learning how they work as a system.

Vibrations of Seven

721 Angel Number Meaning

Seven is a lucky number in many cultures throughout the world (though it is a particularly sacred number in Japan).

Your Angel Number is off to a good start with this number.

Here are a few of its many lucky meanings:

  • Collectivity, collectivization, and collective consciousness
  • Spiritual awakening and enlightenment
  • Developing your faith
  • Mysticism, the esoteric, rituals and secrets
  • Non-conformity and independence
  • Inner wisdom and psychic abilities
  • Healing powers

Seven deals with highly spiritual matters.

With this number, your angels are telling you to develop your spirituality and faith.

Developing these aspects of yourself can lead to an increase in inner wisdom.

An increase in inner wisdom can lead to spiritual enlightenment and inner strength.

These are things your angels want to guide you towards.

They tell you that you are naturally a person of purpose, and you should be persistent in fulfilling that purpose.

Seven is also the number of Stoicism and ensuring your life has a good flow by reducing unnecessary attachments and cultivating a stance of indifference towards anything but virtue and your own character.

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Vibrations of Two

721 Angel Number Meaning

Two is a number that is particularly concerned with balance, and many of its meanings associate with staying in balance.

Here are a few of its meanings:

  • Balance, duty, service, adaptability and harmony
  • Diplomacy, diplomatic behaviour and cooperation
  • Consideration and considerate behaviour
  • Naturally empathetic
  • Sympathy and harmoniousness

Two is a number that strongly connects to the divine world.

Balance and harmony are always on our angels’ minds, and with this number, they are trying to add a little bit of it to your life.

Those receiving a two in their Angel Number are likely naturally just and considerate individuals.

You are someone who can respond to calls of service and humanitarianism.

You often get put in situations where you need to be diplomatic. But, you have a natural knack for diplomacy and cooperation.

With two, your angels are perhaps forwarning you that circumstances might be coming that will require a little more diplomacy and tact than usual.

Accessing your empathy – something else your angels say you have in abundance – will allow you to respond with sympathy and harmony.

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Vibrations of One

Angel Number one resonates with several different things under the category of ‘creation.’

Here are a few of the attributes of this heavenly number:

  • Striving forward, possibilities, and new beginnings
  • Progressing forward and ambition to progress
  • Pioneering, tenacity, and persistence
  • Forcefulness, strength, and authority
  • Success, achievement, and independence
  • Finding fulfillment and uniqueness

Number one is your angel’s way of telling you to be conscious of the way you’ve been thinking lately.

Your angels are telling you you are about to get your heart’s desire.

Make sure your heart’s desire is a worthwhile one to have in the first place.

Your angels are also telling you through number one that a new phase is about to begin in your life.

You’ll be taking that next big step that not long ago you were afraid to make, but don’t worry, this time you are ready.

Not only that, but now you know you have an army of angels at your back.

One tells you that you should embrace the things that make you unique.

Embracing your uniqueness is the engine that’s going to help drive your dreams and goals to fulfillment.

That’s what you angels mean by ‘manifesting your desires.’

Combine this with your ambition, and there is no stopping your striving forward.

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Final Thoughts

Spiritual awakening, enlightenment, adaptability, harmony, striving forward, and new beginnings.

Your angels have a lot of positive things to say to you with Angel Number 721.

Be grateful!

Be grateful that you have guardians in your life and that you have the spiritual awareness to communicate with them.

Be grateful too for all of the positivity you have in your life, and ensure that you return that positivity to the universe whenever possible.

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