355 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 355?


Are you here because a certain number seems to be following you around?

You’ve probably already suspected that these numbers are not a coincidence.

They are actually signs.

But have no fear! These are signs of hope and encouragement from your celestial guardians.

If you see Angel Numbers, consider yourself blessed beyond measure that they have chosen to send you a message.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Did you know that our guardian angels most often communicate with us in the form of number signs?

The reason is that numbers are naturally connected to the sacred vibrations of the Universe.

Suppose your guardians have something to say to you or want to draw your attention to something.

In that case, they will place repeated numbers throughout your day, maybe in a phone number, a receipt, or on your clock.

Each of the numbers in the sequence can mean something different, so let’s take a look.

355: Meaning and Symbolism

355 Angel Number Meaning

355 carries the vibrations and energies of a single three and a double five.

The receiver of this number is lucky since its attributes complement each other. Let’s take a look at the meaning behind this angel number.

Symbolism of 3

Joy and enthusiasm are the anchoring traits of the number three.

Angels often send three when they want you to focus on growing, expanding, and keeping the abundance of your hard work. You are infinitely creative and full of humor and optimism.

The Ascended Masters want you to focus on that spark of the Divine you have been carrying within yourself for so long. Let it out!

Help others, assist them with finding peace, and you shall find peace too.

Clarity and love wait for you because you have the inner wisdom to follow your intuition.

Your angels are letting you know that your soul mission is filled with enthusiasm and optimism.

Three tells you to enhance your life path by getting creative with your abilities and skills.

Only you can manifest your desires, but with 355, your angel tells you that you are fully capable of achieving them.

In contacting you, they’ve heard your prayers and are sending you plenty of positive affirmations.

Symbolism of 55

355 Angel Number

Number 55 is a powerful number that doubles the attributes and energies of the number five.

When a doubling of a number occurs, its attributes are reinforced.

The relationship between the different characteristics of a number becomes more significant when it is doubled.

Its qualities are also amplified, meaning they grow in extent, in addition to strengthening their bond.

Fifty-five contains vibrations relating to confronting challenges and learning ‘life lessons’ through the experience of those challenges.

Your angels are telling you that you’re likely someone who enjoys adventure.

Viewing the challenges and obstacles you face in your day-to-day life as an adventure is a healthy way to live. And you are one for finding ways to learn from experiences and make the best of them.

Versatility is essential to the number fifty-five, and so is curiosity.

When your angels are sending you this sign, it’s time to put those skills into practice.

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Versatility Will Make You More Resilient!

Angel Number Meaning 355

Curiosity will keep your mind sharp as you move through life. You’ll always have that certain ‘spark’ because of these attributes.

Take some time to consider what are the most positive life choices for you? Do any critical changes need to be made?

Perhaps your angels are telling you that it’s past time you get active, get ‘doing.’

It’s time to get rid of the old you that’s no longer serving you well, and prepare for a new you to emerge.

But keep the positive attitude and that sense of adventure.

Entering a new life can be challenging, so it’s important to get rid of old doubts and fears you might have.

With angel number 355, your guardians let you know that the things you perceived as obstacles before might deserve another look.

Always look forward, and keep your eye out for new opportunities.

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Biblical Symbolism of 355

In the Bible, the number three stands for completeness. It is the first of the four spiritually perfect numbers, with seven, ten, and twelve coming after.

Three righteous patriarchs are living before the flood: Abel, Noah, and Enoch. And after the flood, there were three righteous fathers, including Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac.

Additionally, there are twenty-seven books in the New Testament, which is three to the third power.

The number fifty-five is most often associated with King Manasseh of Judah, the longest-reigning monarch of Isreal at 55 years.

It is not considered a positive number in Biblical Numerology because of this reign’s association with evil.

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Casting Off Old Shackles

By sending you this number, your heavenly guardians might be letting you know it’s time to pick the lock of whatever’s tying you up.

Break free! Keep your mind open! Do not be afraid to be your true self and live your life with all the passion and purpose it deserves.

Angel number three wants you to harness your creative energies and make a move towards your life purpose.

This compliments the energies of fifty-five perfectly, which encourages you to seek adventure and change and have a positive attitude as you go about your life.

Wherever you are, your angels want you to be communicative with them. Send out your positive thoughts and energies into the world, and they will return positivity to you.

Live your life with joy and optimism. Trust that you have the love and support of many, including your angels.

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