314 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 314?


Angel Number 314 is a powerful symbol to receive from the heavens.

You’ve come to the right place to learn more about it.

In this post, we will go over what Angel Numbers are, what they do for you (and don’t do), what you should do when an Angel Number appears in your own life, and finally, what’s the meaning behind each of the numbers.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Have you ever experienced the following phenomena?

You look at the clock at 3:14 in the afternoon one day. Later that night, you wake up and look at the clock again… 3:14.

This sort of thing continues to happen to you over the next few days. You begin to see iterations of 314 everywhere you look, as part of phone numbers, pin codes, receipts, and more.

This is your angel’s way of trying to send you a message.

The connection between divinity and numbers is a strong one, something that has been recognized for thousands of years.

But what should you do when you have one come into your life?

Let’s answer that question next.

What Should I Do?

314 Angel Number Meaning

Recognizing an Angel Number as an Angel Number is the first step. Many people are not in tune enough with their spirituality to even do that much.

Once it’s established that you are dealing with an Angel Number, you can start searching for the numerology of the number.

Numerology is the metaphysical science of the interpretation of numbers.

For thousands of years, they have revealed information about the connection between divinity and the physical realm.

Once you know the meaning behind the numbers, you can start digging deep and reflecting – perhaps through prayer, perhaps through meditation or mindfulness practice – on what these numbers might mean for your own life.

Now we will turn our attention to the specific meanings behind Angel Number 314.

Angel Number 314: Meaning and Symbolism

314 Angel Number Meaning

Angel Number 314 has the vibrations and attributes of a single three, one, and four.

This means there are three categories of symbolism working together.

This number has no duplicates, so none of the energies in this Angel Number get doubled, meaning each of the attributes is equally balanced throughout.

Let’s take a look at the meanings behind each of these numbers individually before putting it all together and discussing what 314 means as a sequence.

Vibrations of Number Three

Number three begins our series, and therefore its vibrations carry more weight than those of the one and four.

Here are a few of the attributes associated with it:

  • Communication
  • The Ascended Masters
  • Manifesting/manifestations
  • Expansion, growth, fecundity
  • Creativity and inspiration
  • Optimism and growth

The Ascended Masters watch over us with this number. These are the spiritual masters of the past.

They have transcended to the realm of the angels and now watch over all of us.

Three is also the number of manifesting and manifestation.

This means bringing your goals, plans, and purpose to fruition, making good on your soul’s mission.

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Vibrations of Number One

314 Angel Number Meaning

One is resonant with many things that fall under the category of creation.

Here are a few of one’s attributes:

  • New beginnings and striving forward
  • Progress and ambition
  • Pioneering and tenacity
  • Forcefulness, authority, strength
  • Achievement, success, and independence
  • Self-reliance, fulfillment, and uniqueness

One is your angel’s way of reminding you that you need to be conscious of your thoughts and what your heart desires.

That’s because you are about to get what you want.

One is a number of new phases in your life, of taking that next big step you’ve always feared to make.

Don’t worry! Now you know there are angels watching your back.

This number is telling you to embrace your uniqueness.

That is the engine that’s going to drive your fulfillment.

Combine what makes you stand out with your ambition, and nothing can stop you from striving forward.

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Vibrations of Number Four

These are the various things four is resonant with:

  • Exactitude, organization, and pragmatism
  • Dignity, patriotism, and service
  • Traditional values, integrity, and high morals
  • Security, conservatism, hard work
  • Maintenance and constructiveness
  • Strong convictions

Passion and drive are often associated with the number four.

As you can see from our list above, passion and drive are components of everything on this list.

Four is a number that encourages one to have aspirations and to reach for those goals actively.

Your angels are only messengers. You ultimately have to put in the effort to achieve what you desire.

What your angels can do is clear the path, encourage you down it, and make sure your goals are sound.

Four is also related to the four elements – Each, Water, Fire, Air – and the four seasons of the year.

It’s a number that’s also resonant with our Archangels.

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Final Thoughts

We’ve seen what these numbers mean individually.

What about together? If you look closely at the lists of attributes, you will notice there are many compliments between the three numbers.

Three is a number of growth, expansion, and gaining.

Your angels are encouraging you to do some hefty self-work and make some progress on your goals.

One nicely compliments this, being a number of striving.

With one, your angels want you to reach for your best self, discover your true purpose, and live your life towards that goal.

Lastly, the four in your Angel Number points to a person of strong moral principles who isn’t afraid to speak their mind but who nonetheless goes about the world with a great deal of integrity.

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