228 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 228?


Is the number 228 stalking you? You look up at the clock, and it’s 2:28.

Maybe it happens more than once.

And then you see 228 as part of a phone number you are about to call and get charged $2.28 on your next visit to Starbucks.

This might be a sign that your guardian angels are trying to send you a message.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the topic of Angel Number 228. We’ll look into what Angel Numbers are, what the individual numbers can mean, and what to do when you see them in your life.

What are Angel Numbers and how do they appear to us?

228 Angel Number Meaning

When our celestial guardians want to communicate something to us, they will often do so synchronistically.

What that means is they’ll repeat something over and over in our lives – like a dream, thought, feeling, or number – until we take notice.

Our guardians do this so that we can be alerted to the fact that something other than mere coincidence is driving these occurrences.

Your angels want you to sit up and take notice.

The most common way for our angels to try and communicate with us is to leave us repeated number sequences throughout our day.

Numbers naturally connect with the Universe’s frequencies and character traits, making them a natural vehicle for celestial communication.

Trust your intuition when Angel Numbers are here

Seeing Angel Numbers in your life could signify that opportunities and advantages are right around the corner.

It could also indicate that there is something in your life that you’ve overlooked.

It’s hiding in plain sight, waiting for your to discover and shed the right light on.

When our angels communicate with us, they want us to trust our instincts.

That gut feeling we all have in our stomach whenever our bodies know something maybe our heads do not.

That instinct is our angels guiding us.

It’s essential to trust that instinct when interpreting your Angel Number.

As we will see, Angel Number 228 contains Master Number 22, a number encouraging us to take our angel’s blessings into our lives.

We can, of course, choose not to follow their spiritual guidance. But that would be a mistake.

Symbolism and numerology of Angel Number 228

228 Angel Number

Angel Number 228 has the vibrations of a double two and a single eight.

Within these innocent-looking numbers is a wealth of hidden meanings.

As a Master Number, it plays a unique role within numerology.

Our double two, for example, contains the power of an individual two and the power of Master Number twenty-two.

It sits with the other two Master Numbers eleven and thirty-three.

These numbers are among the most spiritual you can receive. Let’s take a look at the meaning behind them.

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Numerology of 2

Harmony and duty are the two significant attributes that are resonant with number two.

With harmony, you want to strive for balance in your life.

Sometimes this can mean cooperating with things or people you wouldn’t usually like to collaborate with. But showing these people or things some consideration will be good for the balance in your life.

Two is also strongly associated with love.

Love is a harmonious union of souls. Is love a strong force in your life right now?

Perhaps if it isn’t, your angels are foreshadowing its appearance.

Duty is the next prominent trait represented by two, and there are many ways our angels can call on us to be dutiful.

Our most considerable duty is to be a source of positivity in your life and the life of those around us.

Hold your faith close.

Trust in the Divine.

Never fear the change that comes with angelic guidance.

Those are your duties as well and part of fulfilling your Divine Purpose.

Our duty is to make sure we have a good flow in our lives and help others who are receptive to having a good flow in theirs.

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Master Number 22

Angel Number 228 meaning

In addition to the above, twenty-two – as a Master Number – caries with it a few extra attributes.

It is a number strongly connected with our intuition.

That gut feeling we talked about above is one of the most potent ways our angels can steer us.

The more connected we are with ourselves and our faith, the stronger our intuition will be.

Master Number 22 is letting us know that our intuition is strong and our divine connection is healthy.

Numerology of 8

Eight is a number of encouragement.

Our angels want us to strive, achieve and progress in all areas of our life.

Eight is also a number that’s highly resonant with our personal power and self-confidence.

With this number, our angels tell us that we need to believe in ourselves and hold our heads up high as we go about our days.

Be confident in your decisions.

We are someone with great insight and ability, and the only thing standing in our way is ourselves.

Be ready to sharpen your skills and talents because opportunities are on the horizon for you, and that’s where they will be needed most.

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Final Thoughts

Harmony, duty, intuition, and encouragement.

Together these make up the basic attributes of Angel Number 228.

Your guardians are always watching over you, reflecting positivity towards you and alerting you to trouble.

You should feel gratitude and celebrate your faith and connection to the divine.

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