134 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 134?


Everyone has experienced recurring numbers in their lives.

Few stop and think about what they might mean.

You are here, reading this post because you have thought about what repeated numbers mean.

Having Angel Number 134 in your life is a blessing and a source of practical wisdom.

Here, we’ll talk about what these numbers are, what each of them signifies, and what you should do with this information.

Angel Numbers: Heavenly Connections

Interconnections define our modern world. We truly live in societies without borders where anyone can get in touch with anyone, anywhere, buy anything, or fulfill any need nearly instantaneously.

But there are other ways in which we interconnect. Ways we may not realize; ways that are more fundamental.

The connections existing between the physical, material, human world and the world of our Creator and his angels form a web of interconnectivity that numbers help us discover.

Numerology: Metaphysics of Numbers

134 Angel Number Meaning

Numerology deals with the metaphysical meanings behind numbers. Metaphysical simply means having to do with the fundamental being of a thing.

The fundamental being of numbers is their connection with the sacred energies and vibrations that compose all things in the Universe.

Scientists know this and use numbers to learn about things we can scarcely have experience of on earth.

If scientists manipulate numbers to tell us about the Universe, it should come as no surprise that our guardian angels use numbers to tell us about our inner worlds.

And we’d be foolish not to allow that guidance to lead us towards a better life.

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Angel Number 134

Leading you towards a better life is precisely what your Angels want you to take away from this potent number.

It contains the single vibrations of one, three, and four.

Let’s take a look at each individually.

Vibrations and Attributes of One

134 Angel Number Meaning

The number one begins your number sequence, but it is also the foundation of all number sequences.

It is, after all, the first number.

(Zero is not a number but represents nothingness, a void, no-number.)

But with one, we arrive at the first completeness, and as such, it symbolizes new beginnings, wholeness, and the starting of new phases.

One also resonates with the creative process.

If you are artistic or creative in some way, your angels are telling you to harness and develop those qualities as they are avenues of happiness for you.

Your angels are telling you that your creativity will lead to some exciting opportunities down the road.

Keep your skills sharp, and look for unique ways to apply your artistic gifts.

If we are open, we often find happiness in a place we did not initially consider.

Vibrations and Attributes of Three

Three, Six, Nine: these three numbers form a bond.

Not only do they build upon each other’s powers, but they add to them and pass them along to the next. Three begins the sequence and strongly relates to the Ascended Masters.

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Who are the Ascended Masters?

134 Angel Number Meaning

These are gurus, spiritual teachers, sages: the wisest of the wise, the prophets who have transcended our earthly realm and now watch over us.

With the number three, your angels let you know you have some powerful guardians watching over you, offering you the strength of their wisdom.

Harness your spirituality

Read the great Wisdom Literature of the ancient sages: The Analects of Confucius, the Gospels of Jesus, the Sayings of Buddha, the Bhagavad Gita.

These books are as close as we can ever get to the wisdom of the heavens, and they have much to teach us even today.

It also goes with the spirit of inclusivity that is represented by this number.

Vibrations and Attributes of Four

When it comes to the powers associated with four, they can all be summed up in one word: uncompromising.

Four seems to signify something very different from the spirituality and inclusivity represented by the number three.

Four is a practical number, a number that values traditions, morality, integrity.

Strong convictions often follow those around those whose vibrations are tuned to the number four.

Your angels seem to be saying: Be uncompromising in standing up for what you believe in.

And therein lies the connection to three: it does not matter what cultural form of spirituality you connect with.

What matters is the bond itself.

Stand up for your right to connect with your faith in whatever way is most comfortable to you.

You are not obnoxious or greedy by insisting on this right. You have integrity, dignity, and the fortitude to forge ahead regardless of the challenges.

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134: Purpose and Revelation

We just saw that Angel Number 134 has three unique components:

  1. New beginnings and creativity
  2. Ascended Masters and inclusivity
  3. High morality and integrity of convictions

By giving you this Angel Number, your guardians reveal your purpose and propose that you proceed with your life resolved to make those things close to your heart.

Your angel’s only goal is to aid you in your journey to developing the best version of yourself, the one you are most comfortable and at peace with.

Our lives are like our bodies: we need to understand and accept them and be at home in them for us to be fully ourselves.

By sending us an Angel Number, our heavenly friends remind us that we should treat our lives in the same way we treat our bodies: by nourishing it with the things it needs.

And we all know our bodies tell us what we need.

Our angels give us the strength to sort out what’s most important, and they are suggesting a good start might be the combination of attributes and directions listed above.

Take heart that they are always there for you to fall back upon.

And remember, our angels respond best to positivity. Negativity gets in the way of the true messages we need to hear.

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