131 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 131?


Are you seeing number patterns on repeat lately?

These are called Angel Numbers, and you should consider yourself lucky.

But what do they mean, and how can you tell if the numbers repeating in your life are really Angel Numbers, or not just simply a coincidence?

This article will break down the meaning of Angel Number 131, and we’ll learn why this is a message of positivity and hope from your celestial guardians straight to you!

Angel Numbers – What Are They?

Angel Numbers are one of the most common ways our celestial guardians communicate with us.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware they have guardian angels watching over them.

Even fewer are aware that if our angels feel we need some support, or if we are about to go down a path that is wrong for us, they will try to reach out.

Supporting you is their primary mission.

Numbers are the vehicle of choice for heavenly messages because they are naturally aligned to the vibrations of the Universe.

Thus, the energies of the cosmos and our Ascendant Masters abound in numerical significance, and our guardians can tap into that to share their divine knowledge with us.

The study of the meanings behind those numbers is called numerology, which began thousands of years ago.

Angel Numbers – What Do I Do?

131 Angel Number

You have nothing to worry about.

These numbers are full of positive energies that are rooting for your success.

Seeing an Angel Number is a blessing and reminder that you have some powerful divine forces ready to catch you if you fall.

When you receive an Angel Number, the first thing you should do is consult a reputable source of numerology, whether that’s by seeing a psychic or through connecting with your own spirituality and doing your own research.

This article is a great place to start. We’ll go over all of the critical aspects and meanings behind the number 131.

131 – Meaning and Symbols

The attributes of the number 1 and number 3 make up the number 131.

The vibrations of the number one are amplified and doubled over the energies of three.

But the number three sits between them, splicing them in two, meaning that there may be some opposition between these numbers.

Symbolism of One

Angel Number Meaning 131

Bringing with it the attributes of leadership, assertiveness, and new beginnings, number one symbolizes the need to grab the bull by the horns and set off on a new path.

Is there a new direction in your life you’ve meant to head down?

Maybe this is your angel’s way of letting you know that’s precisely what you should be doing.

You’ve been doing the same things in the same way for so long. A fresh approach is undoubtedly called for. Take the initiative and self-leadership to recognize that and put a plan into action.

Number one is also sometimes sent by angels who want to remind you that even though your guardians will always be there, watching your back, it’s ultimately up to us to create our own realities.

We are in control of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, so if we want to strive forward and progress in our lives, the onus is on us to use our own initiative to plow ahead… with our angels always cheering behind us, of course.

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Symbolism of Three

Three is a number that resonates with powerful energies related to growth and expansion.

It is a number that is closely linked to spontaneity, both in an individual and in nature, increase, and self-expression.

It’s a number that could mean the Ascended Masters are surrounding you, helping you focus on your Divine Spark.

They are giving you the encouragement you need to manifest every one of your desires.

Have you been too narrow-minded lately?

Perhaps this number is your angel’s way of reminding you that it’s healthy to have an open mind, to learn about new ideas.

Not only does it allow us to make new connections, but studies show it leads to better mental health in general.

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Open Mind, Open Heart

131 Angel Number Meaning

Angel Number One-Three-One is a sign from you Angels that they are sending down some positivity and clearing away any feelings of discouragement.

Receive their uplifting energies with optimism!

Your angels encourage you to keep yourself centered. Keep your thoughts and beliefs aligned with temperance and moderation. Extreme thoughts and emotions are a burden to the soul and those around us.

131 is your guardian’s way of asking you to stay the course on your true goals.

The aspirations of your soul have divine approval with this number.

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Pursue Your True Passion

You have an abundance of natural skills and talents.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of this from time to time.

Take Angel Number 131 as a sign of encouragement.

One last thing to note about this number: it’s a reminder that sometimes when we are on the path of life’s true purpose, we have to step out of what is comfortable.

You will only manifest your reality if you trust that you have what it takes.

Your choices have brought you here, to this moment.

Will you choose the path of authenticity, or will you ignore your intuition and inner wisdom and turn away from the action you need to take?

Step towards your soul’s purpose.

Work alongside the angels and the Universe to find all of the fulfillment your heart could ever want.

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