1200 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 1200?


If you have the Number 1200 following you around, it is most likely a sign from your heavenly guardians.

This post will explain everything you need to know about Angel Number 1200, including what Angel Numbers are, what this number in particular means, and what you should do when these sacred numbers appear in your life.

Angel Numbers: What are they?

Angel Numbers are messages from our angels.

They come in the form of number sequences, typically three or four numbers long, but they can be single, double, or multiple digits as well.

This Angel Number in particular – Angel Number 1200 – is all about finding your passions and changing your mindset so that your dreams can become your reality.

Numerology is a sacred metaphysical science that can tell us the meanings behind these heavenly numbers.

Change is part of life…

1200 Angel Number Meaning

With this sacred number, your angels let you know that change is an important part of life.

Every so often, a new way of doing things should replace the old.

Sometimes the old only acts as a hindrance to our soul’s mission.

If you let these obstacles pin you down, you will never achieve your purpose in this life and constantly feel you are being held back.

1200 is your angel’s way of saying that when you come upon these challenges and obstacles, view them as stepping stones.

Deal with them one at a time, keep an open mind that’s ready to learn, and you can use the challenges of your life to propel you towards peace and success by internalizing their lessons.

…and so are new experiences

New experiences will always be a feature of living a healthy life.

Angel Number 1200 tells you never to shy away from them but rather take them with a sense of optimism and adventure.

If you do, these new experiences will result in many positive effects occurring in your life.

You will find your goals and aspirations get achieved when you put on an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ attitude.

But no matter what, your angels want you to always put your trust in your faith.

Trust and faith will be core factors in achieving what you want.

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Angel Number 1200: Meaning and Symbolism

1200 Angel Number Meaning

Angel Number 1200 is composed of the vibrations of a single one, two, and double zeros.


Number one shows us the importance of changing the old for the new and shows how impactful it is to pursue your goals.


Angel Number two speaks of serving one’s soul purpose.

And you do so by placing your trust in your faith, and yes, that means trusting your angel’s message too.

Double zeros

After number two comes the double zeros.

The double zeros amplify the powers of the one and two and strengthen your spiritual aspects.


Combined Angel Number 1200 represents your spiritual path and tells you that it’s ultimately down that path that you’ll answer the most pressing questions of your life.

Angel Number 1200 is an encouraging message from your angels that will enhance your life and give you the self-confidence to achieve anything your heart desires.

A few other number combinations are contained in Angel Number 1200, including Angel Number 120 and Angel Number 200.

It’s worthwhile looking at what these number sequences mean to get a fuller picture of the meanings behind 1200.

Angel Number 120

This number combination tells you that you have a handful of old bad habits kicking around in your life.

With Angel Number 120, your celestial guardians tell you that these bad habits are holding you back from achieving what you want.

With this number, your guardian angels are letting you know you should take away these hindrances if you’re concerned about your future success.

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Angel Number 200

With Angel Number 200, your guardian angels are making a clear statement that they have your back.

Although they can’t interfere directly in your life, your angels are working tirelessly to ensure you take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you. Don’t waste them!

Biblical numerology

1200 Angel Number Meaning

Biblical numerology is a branch of numerology dealing with the representation of numbers in the Bible and biblical literature.

Here we’ll examine the role of the numbers one, two, and zero in the Good Book.


Unsurprisingly, one has a similar numerological meaning in biblical literature as in non-biblical numerology, indicating new beginnings and unity.

One represents the act of creation itself. God, too, is one. According to Ephesians 4: 4-6, he is one father and one lord.

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In the Bible, the number two often stands as a symbol of humanity. This is because we are of a dual nature, both flesh and spirit (see Galatians 5).

Zero/doubled zeros

Zero is a mysterious and strange digit.

It represents something that we have understood conceptually for millennia. But zero was not really a number until relatively recently.

In the Bible, zero, as a number, does not occur. Still, the concepts of nothingness, void, and infinity are frequent themes throughout the Bible.

Final Thoughts

With Angel Number 1200 in your life, you should count your lucky stars because obstacles will melt away before you as long as you are prepared to face them with intelligence and courage.

Angel Number 1200 also lets you know that the path you are on right now is a good one.

Now’s not the time to make complicated moves or to begin any brand new ventures.

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