117 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 117?


Many believe numbers signify different things.

In our modern lives, we are surrounded by numbers every day, and we hardly pay any attention to them.

This is a mistake.

Sometimes you’ll come across numbers that repeat themselves.

You might mistake it for a coincidence, but it’s probably a message from your celestial guardians.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Many people think that our angels are attempting to communicate with us using Angel Numbers.

In order to understand these messages, we need to understand the metaphysical science of numerology.

This article will give us the opportunity to learn about the symbolism behind Angel Number 117.

The secret meanings of this significant number will tell you what to do on your life’s journey and help you understand what your angels want for you.

Angel Number 117: What Does It Mean?

117 is made up of the energies of a double one and a single seven. One symbolizes many things, but most prominently new beginnings and progress.

Eleven is a Karmic Master Number associated with your soul mission, while seven is related to spirituality.

Together these powerful numbers promise us a spiritual awakening that will lead us on the path to success in our goals.

We should be grateful for everything our angels have blessed us within our lives and always try to put positivity back into the world.

Let’s take a look at each of these numbers in some detail.

Symbolism of One

117 Angel Number Meaning

The number one by itself relates to things that have to do with progress.

This could be your angels telling you to get inspired, find attainment, do something fulfilling, focus on achieving something.

Whatever it is, by including number one in your message, your angels are saying you should be trying to connect with your highest self.

Are you currently in a leadership role? Or maybe you would be suitable to be in one.

Either way, your angels want you to know that you have those qualities. With the proper motivation, you have the inspiration to succeed in whatever it is that fulfills you.

Eleven: Karmic Master Number

In Angel Number 117, the one appears twice. This is Karmic Master Number eleven, a sacred number rated to your soul mission and the very purpose of your life.

Eleven is a Master Teacher ruled by Neptune.

It is the first of the Master Numbers. It is related to both the Justice Tarot card and the constellation of Aquarius.

Master Number eleven is ‘the Messenger’ and ‘the Teacher.’ It is a guiding number meant to illuminate our lives and raise our spirituality.

It is also a number of tests, trials, tribulations, and treachery, so be on your guard.

Those who receive Master Number eleven need to take care that they stay centered and balanced as much as possible.

Swaying from highs to lows is a real possibility to those under the influence of this number.

Channel your energies into something you can actively participate in.

This might be your job, or it might be helping out in your community or acquiring a new hobby.

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Biblical Symbolism of Eleven

Angel Number 117 Meaning

In the Good Book, eleven symbolizes judgment, disorder, chaos.

It comes directly after ten, which represents responsibility and the law.

Eleven, therefore, represents its opposite: irresponsibility, breaking the law, disorder, and the judgment of God.

Genesis 11 has men rebelling against God to build the tower of Babel.

What was his judgment?

He confused the language they spoke, provoking chaos.

Additionally, the sacred Dead Sea Scrolls were found in eleven caves on the Dead Sea shore, some eleven miles from Jerusalem.

There are also eleven offended kings in the Bible.

Their servants tell them God’s truth which they do not wish to hear.

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Symbolism of Seven

Seven is resonant with the traits and attributes of having a spiritual awakening.

This is a lucky number, a number of enlightenment, mysticism, and psychic abilities.

When the number seven is part of an Angel Number, it means that your desires are about to become manifest, guided by your inner wisdom. You are either on or will be on a path of spiritual enlightenment, so open yourself up to your guardian angels and listen to what they have to say.

Biblical Symbolism of Seven

Seven is a number that has been important in many cultures for religious and philosophical reasons for hundreds of years.

In ancient Greece, the Pythagoreans thought that the number seven was significant because it unified the physical with the divine.

In the Bible itself, there are the seven days of Creation with a sanctified seventh day (Genesis 1).

He who kills Cain will find that he is avenged seven times (Genesis 4:15). God commands Noah to bring seven pairs of every animal onto the ark.

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We Create Our Own Reality

Angel Number Meaning 117

Angel Number 117 is auspicious.

It means your guardians approve of the direction your life is heading.

Your positive intentions and actions have paid off.

You have been able to steer your life in positive directions and should feel optimistic for itself.

By sending you Angel Number 117, your angels want you to feel supported and encouraged.

Listen to your inner guide and appreciate the actions you take toward your soul purpose.

Fulfilling your destiny is something well within your reach.

Continue to maintain your positive attitude and use positive affirmations to keep your spirits high.

Your highest ideals will manifest themselves when you are at your most joyous.

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