1014 Angel Number Meaning

What is the meaning of angel number 1014?


Does it ever seem like a certain number is following you around?

Is it the number 1014?

Maybe you keep looking at the clock at 10:14, or the number keeps popping up in various places throughout your life.

Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn about this heavenly Angel Number.

Here we’ll talk about what Angel Numbers are, how to detect them, and the symbolism behind the numbers. Let’s take a look.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel Numbers are messages from our guardian angels.

Our angels use numbers because of their natural connections to the Universal Energies.

Angel Numbers can be between one and five digits long, although two, three, and four-digit Angel Numbers are by far the most common.

To interpret the meanings behind each of the numbers, we need to enlist the metaphysical science of numerology.

What Is Numerology?

1014 Angel Number Meaning

Numerology is the sacred science of the interpretation of numbers.

For thousands of years, humans have understood that a connection exists between numbers and the Universe.

The Pythagoreans – mathematicians and philosophers of ancient Greece – were among the first to systematize numerology.

Many of the meanings they attributed to the numbers are still in use today.

When you discover an Angel Number in your life, the first thing to do is look up its meaning.

There are plenty of books and articles online devoted to the meanings behind individual number sequences.

Angel Number 1014: Numerology and Symbolism 

This Angel Number has a unique number combination. A one followed by an amplifying zero, followed by a duplicate one – notice the zero interrupts the duplication?

It is important to note that this number is different from 1104 even though it contains the same numbers.

In that case, the single one is amplified by the zero before the additional one doubles it.

We will see why this is significant later.

Let’s look at each of the numbers individually before discussing what they might all mean together.

Vibrations of Number One

1014 Angel Number Meaning

One and nine are the bookend numbers. One signifies beginnings, nine endings, zero is the space between (the infinite).

As such, one strongly connects with creative forces.

As the number of beginnings, it is the point on which all other numbers build. With this number, your angels are letting you know it’s time to create something.

Here are some of the other meanings of this primary number:

  • New beginnings, fresh starts, and digging roots
  • Striving forward toward some new goal
  • Progress and progression
  • Persistence and tenacity
  • Pioneering spirit/beginning new journeys
  • Strength, force, and authority
  • Achievement and success
  • Independence and uniqueness

In addition to being a number of new beginnings, one is a number of becoming.

This is often a number your angels will give if you are about to receive your heart’s desire.

Take this as an occasion to review your innermost wants to see if they are truly worthy of having.

A new phase in your life might also be on the horizon, perhaps occasioned by the receipt of your heart’s desire.

But don’t think you have a passive role to play.

Your angels tell you you can get what you want, but you will have to take the necessary steps to achieve that goal. And your angels are here to inspire you.

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Vibrations of Zero

1014 Angel Number Meaning

Unique in the world of numerals and digits, zero is not properly a number.

The concept of zero existed long before it was a number.

It represents the beginning, the end, and the infinite.

Zero has a complicated numerological significance.

Here are a few of the other meanings and attributes it possesses:

  • Alpha and Omega
  • Eternity, infinity
  • A centre that is everywhere and a circumference that is nowhere
  • Universal Energies
  • The ‘God’ force
  • Wholeness, oneness, universality
  • Spirituality, faith, and spiritual journeys

Additionally, zero contains amplifying properties, meaning that its presence strengthens the other numbers around it.

It thus boosts the powers of the four and the one in Angel Number 1014.

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Vibrations of Number Four

Four resonates with many different attributes.

Here are some of the main ones:

  • Organization, pragmatism, and exactitude
  • Patriotism, service to your country, dignity
  • Integrity, traditional values, and high morals
  • Conservatism, security, and hard work
  • Maintenance and construction
  • Strong convictions
  • Archangels

Four is most often associated with passion and drive.

Everything in the list above is something connected to powerful feelings and high standards.

Through this number, our angels are encouraging us to shoot for the stars.

Having goals is a healthy and vital part of living a good life, and your angels want you to make some and actively work towards them.

They are telling you you can achieve whatever it is you set out to do.

Although your angels cannot interfere directly in your life, they can clear a path, make your journey more manageable, and encourage you down it.

Four is also strongly associated with the four elements of fire, water, earth, and air, as well as the four seasons.

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Final Thoughts

With Angel Number 1014, your guardians are simultaneously drawing your attention to potential new beginnings, achieving some goal, or the beginning of a new one.

They might also be telling you to connect with the Universal Energies, harness and sharpen your faith, and gain a sense of wholeness from increasing your spiritual practices.

Additionally, your angels point to the importance of organization and pragmatism as markers of the chances of success.

Those with strong convictions are often watched by the Archangels, meaning Angel Number 1014 ends on a truly high note.

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